Black to the Future! [Video]

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Yes, yesterday was Back to the Future Day.  The exact day the classic movie character Marty McFly went to 2015 to save his future offspring in Back to the Future II.   

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 Thousands of super nerds, oops I mean fans 🙂 took to social media to show off their Back to the Future outfits.  Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd even appeared for a spoof on Jimmy Kimmel last night.   

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I don’t think I really saw the sequel, so I wasn’t really into the big craze. Cool stuff, but I actually came across a video proposing the question “what if the infamous Marty McFly was actually a black guy coming from 1955 to 2015”?! Funny stuff right? I thought so too, but there is a very dark undertone in this parody. Could 2015 be just as racist as 1955? See what happens to black Marty McFly and tell us what you think!


Check Out the Video Below!

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