#WeirdScience The Ocean Cleaning Bikini

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By: Queen Ray

First, there was air purifying clothing.  Now, there’s a pollution absorbing bikini.  What will they think of next?!  Husband and wife duo, Cengiz and Mihri Ozkan, engineering professors at the University of California, Riverside, have developed a bathing suit that cleans pollutants in the water as the person swims.

This technology uses a highly hydrophobic sponge, which is a fancy term for water repellent, and it is derived from heated sucrose.  It can fill up just on pollutants up to 25 times its weight without being saturated with water, which means your bathing suit will stay in place without exposing your goodies to other beach goers!  But why would you want to purposely draw more pollutants to your body than what you are already exposing yourself to?  Well, the contaminants the bathing suit collects are stored in pores within the material, so they don’t actually come into contact with you.

It is a reusable and cost effective environmentally friendly option, but would you add it to YOUR bikini collection?

Check out these photos and let us know!

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